Part Two Awards

As Serendipity would have it, today Zubli Zainordin also bestowed the “Nice Matters Blog Award” to one of the nicest People I know, Deborah of Climate Of Our Future. I say Serendipitous because Deborah than choose me as one of the 7 to also receive this wonderful Award. In addition; on August 16th, Deborah flattered me with the “Charity Blogger Award” for my blog site Humanitarian Causes United for Humanity.

Deborah for both Awards, I sincerely thank you and am appreciative of you!

The Nice Matters Blog Award was made by Genevieve Olsen. Genevieve has “2 darling little girls and has been married for nearly 8 years.” Her award was designed for “those that are just nice people , good blog friends and those that inspire good feelings and inspiration! Those that care about others that are there to lend support or those that are just a positive influence in our blogging world!” Just name 7 others to receive the “Nice Matters Blog Award” and that’s it! Thank you Genevieve Olsen for making this beautiful Award.

Christy Z. Thank you for making these marvelous Awards: Inspirational Blogger Award, Courageous Blogger Award, Thoughtful Blogger Award, Creative Blogger Award, and the Charity Blogger Award. (previously awarded by ndpthepoetress to fellow Bloggers)

For the my list is endless, unfortunately I need to narrow this to 7 Nice People in no certain order:

1. Jennifer, one of your blog Titles Goodness Graciousness, describes you! For you truly are full of goodness and graciousness in your actions and posts. The blogosphere is a better place because of your genuine niceness.

2. Savvyology, Poet/Artist of Savvyology - Moments Matter Most, because you “inspire good feelings and inspiration”.

3. Carol L. Skolnick of Soul Surgery and “Author/Facilitator, The Work of Byron Katie”. Thank you Carol for sharing your wisdom to help People better their own self and life.

4. Adrienne Zurub Author of 'Notes From the MotherShip ~ Naked Invisibles'. Adrienne your positive perseverance as a Person accented by your multi-talented, multi-task abilities are a “positive influence” to Humankind!

5. Cooper, jeeps – including myself - everyone adores you. Somehow I think you know that already! With no airs or finessing – like it or not just tell it like it is in your Posts and in this process of simply being yourself, you can no longer hide the fact that yes, you are nice and we know it! Not sure if you are accepting tags any more, regardless; you deserve this one.

6. BonnieWabbit what your job of 6 1/2 years did to you was wrong, yet you still keep a positive attitude and remain your nice self, reaching out to your Readers and Community Members with your kind words, support, jokes, and inspirational stories. You are a great example that “Nice Matters” even when bad things happen to nice People.

7. Lansy of Synthetic Life, your “On the road to richness” Posts are an inspiration to all! And because you are a good blog friend and just a nice person to all you correspond with, this Award is for you!

Again Deborah of Climate Of Our Future, Thank You!


cooper said...

Thank you much my poetress, you must forgive me as i tend to call the people I read and whom read me by n nicknames and I know this annoys some.

It is greatly appreciated and will be noted at some point when I proudly display my awardishness.

I am only happy to be able to read your prose.

And to be honest, more do not adore but it is about doing and saying what one must do and say.

peace sweet poetress.

zephyr01 said...
Ah my poetress you are the Nicest. I always choose you because you were one of the first people I met when I came onto the scene here at MBL. You made me feel so welcome. A lady through and through. Thank-you for doing such an excellent post. Christy Z and Genevieve Olsen thank-you for creating such awesome awards.
-Jeane Michelle Culp said...

Cooper, no annoyance here - Poetress is a great nickname that I've come to adopt from you.

Adore - be them many, few, or simply the must do and say, Cooper you are still full of niceness. Your Posts and Comments reflect this side of you the best, especially in the respect you extend to everyone. The blogosphere needs more People like you Cooper. You are true to yourself, authentic and down to earth.

-Jeane Michelle Culp said...
Deborah (zephyr) your words, as well as yourself continue to touch my heart. I am Blessed to have met you at MyBlogLog as others continue to be Blessed by knowing you.
Adrienne Zurub said...

Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

Especially for taking the time to offer such profound support and encouragement.

You have made my day...and my life at this moment!

I thank you for being on the road of my life.


-Jeane Michelle Culp said...
Thank you Adrienne Zurub. I, as others are and continue to be fortunate to have met you on this journey we call life. May a million more People continue to truly embrace and appreciate the totality of the person you are. As we look forward to your new book “Notes From the MotherShip ~ Naked Invisibles" being on the shelves soon!

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