Magical Golden Cat King of The Cats Meow!

Woe, woe, woe What's new!

Watch out Putty Cats, there is a new Cat in the Blogosphere Blog World, and his Name is Magical Golden Cat !

According to Zubli Zainordin , The Magical Golden Cat is a “lovely parting gift from theblogfairy Francesca Faerie”. Zubli states, “She knows I believe in Real Magic, my favorite color now is Gold, and a Cat…there is a lesson to be learned from this pet. Wow! Super awesome. So far I have benefited from his magic.”

The Magical Golden Cat introduces himself in his profile at MyBlogLog as:

“I am the special pet, friend, servant and assistant to Master Zubli Zainordin! In my spare time, when I am not attending to his duties, I visit all the animals in the blogosphere and help educate humans about proper pet care and other animal-related issues. I do not speak in gibberish like the fake cats on that awful blog called “I CAN HAS CHEEZBURGER?” because only a goofus thinks CATS speak like that, and what’s more I hate cheeseburgers. I am an aristocratic cat with magical powers.”

Recently the Magical Golden Cat has awarded me his “Magical Golden Blogger Award”!

“This is the personal award badge created by me — The Magical Golden Cat. Please do not take it. I will be awarding it to very special Magical Golden Bloggers from time to time. Those bloggers awarded will be listed on the Magical Golden Blogroll in my sidebar. It is a very exclusive award, given only to those who I know to have the special golden magic.”

Me among other Magical Golden Bloggers he has chosen for this exclusive award! Wow and Meow, what a precious gift!

Congratulations to the other Magically deserving recipients on his Magical Golden Blogroll! And Thank you Magical Golden Cat! To you a thousand of the finest boneless fish and know:

“Kitty cat Kittly cat I love you
Kitty cat Kitty cat yes I do”

There is an Arabian Proverb "The cat was created when the lion sneezed", perhaps Magical Golden Cat this is why your loving heart is so large :)


cooper said...
An awful lot of mystic going on lately. ;0
-Jeane Michelle Culp ndpthepoetress said...
Aw Cooper, yes indeed! Mystic, mischief, and somewhere in between a lot of Love. Amidst tearful hearts wanting to honor Francesca Faerie The Blog Fairy, all of a sudden the Magical Golden Cat appears! And since there has been the Blog Elf taunting him, even shaved our Pretty Magical Golden Cat once. Yes indeed; mystic, mischief, and lots of Love!

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