Amazing Award and 7 Weird Random Facts Meme

An Amazing Blogger, Writer, Poet, and my Amazing Friend Francis from Caught In The Stream has awarded me the "You're An Amazing Blogger" Award Thank You Francis! Truly my Readers you are the Amazing Ones and I Thank You All. If there is anything really Amazing about me it is the 7 Weird or Random Facts below that my Amazing Friend Deborah from Climate of Our Future tagged me with.

I’m Proud to give the “You’re An Amazing Blogger” to the following Bloggers. Pass the Award onto other Amazing Bloggers if you like! And since you 5 are Amazing, I would like to also tag each of you with the “7 Weird or Random Facts” MeMe so us Readers may in addition learn more about you!

If you have already received this Award, consider yourself Twice as Amazing! If you have already been tagged with this MeMe, please send me a link so we may all enjoy! Thanks!

1. Beaman from Beaman's World
"A collection of my poetry, short stories and political/philosophical discussions. Humour is often included. The reader can choose their area of interest via the 'Topics' menu below."

2. coffeesister Dorian from Drink Deeply
"Revering artistry in all its forms & Reveling in thought of every kind while Relishing strong coffee."

3. princesshaiku from Princess Haiku
"Princess Haiku is a literary collage of poetry, prose, photography, classical music, dance and book reviews, written in the tradition of a poetic memoir."

4. Ali from The Old Time Greatest Star's
"This is a blog about all the greatest star's that ever graced the silver-screen."

5. pnanda from EVOLve_the soul scan bay
"Let us fly kites of myriad colours of our choice as far as possible. Let us pause a while to savour freedom and be able to proclaim that we exit in our feelings for a while. Let us touch the 'me' in us. Let us evolve to go astray to do what feels good for a moment of our own. Let us try, do and win, first, ourselves! Find eclectic, experiential and contemporaneous rants and tell-tales, here..."

Alright Amazing Bloggers Congratulations and Here are the rules for the "7 Weird or Random Facts Meme":

Link to the person that tagged you and post the rules on your blog.
Share 7 random and/or weird facts about yourself.
Tag 7 random people at the end of your post, and include links to their blogs.
Let each person know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

My 7 Weird facts are:

1. Starting at about age 12, I secretly wanted to become an Opera Singer. A few years ago, my Mother having learnt my secret than gifted me an audio course “How to Listen to an Understand Opera”. Such has rekindled my dream, and if not for my Smoker Lungs…

2. I enjoy playing the game Scrabble by myself with two complete sets of tiles.

3. I know how and have rebuilt a carburetor, installed a starter, replaced a tie rod end, however; I don’t know how to check the air in my tires without letting the air out in the process. I’ve never learnt how to change my own oil and I do not like to check my own fluids even though I know how to.

4. I know a Lady who carries her Husbands’ ashes in the trunk of her car. She says they always wanted to travel together but never had the chance, now they can.

5. I drive a hooptie. As many Judges on Court TV shows say, if you can’t afford the payments of a new auto, don’t go into debt – drive a hooptie until you can in actuality afford something else.

6. When I have an idea for poem I can’t express, I’ll pick up my guitar and sing words that enter my mind, though I don’t know a single cord on a guitar nor how to pluck any known tunes.

7. I once tried to save my pet aquatic frog by giving him CPR via administrating him air from a tube attached to the aquarium pump. Sadly he could not be resuscitated.

Thank You again Francis for the Award, Deborah for the tag, and my Readers. You are Amazing Bloggers Beaman, coffeesister, princesshaiku, Ali, and pnanda.

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