The Colors Of Friendship Badge

My Friend Deborah at Climate of Our Future has included me and my site Binding Ink II as a recipient of The Colors of Friendship Badge. Deborah continues to touch many Peoples lives as her sweet smile radiates the “Colors of Friendship” across the blogosphere with her kind words and endearing deeds. Because of Deborah, the ‘Climate of Our Future’ looks brighter and hopeful as she and her Co-Authors continue to educate us Readers about the Climate. Thank You Deborah for the Person you are naturally and Thank You for this precious badge. I am to give “The Colors of Friendship Badge” to 5 other Bloggers!

I am delighted to gift this Badge to: (If you have already received this Badge, may you be twice blessed)

1. Though Lyn of Lynda’s Loft has lovingly given this special Badge to Deborah of Climate of Our Future and Deborah has gifted this to Francis of Caught In The Stream, I would like to second the motion twice as both you Deborah and Francis are the Rainbows in my life that give “The Colors Of Friendship” its glow.

2. eastcoastdweller I present “The Colors Of Friendship” Badge to the Blog site For The Love Of Women (FLOW) to represent all Authors, Co-Authors and Readers who bejewel our lives daily in “The Colors of Friendship”.

For The Love Of Women is “A circle of Sisters on the web and a few blessed men who rejoice to know Them. A safe place. A helpful place. For the glory of Women, the progress of Women, the uplift of Women and the health of Women in body, mind and spirit.”

3. Celestine Wee, You decorated my heart with kind words in a comment on my site, then you continue to adorn my life with your inspirational Blog site Contemporary Romantic Writings:

“~ Quest for the Ideal ~ Pantheism ~ Love ~ The Hero/Heroine ~ Imagination ~ Poetry ~ Freedom ~”

4. Sprite of Homespun Honolulu. Sprite, though time takes us on our own journeys throughout the blogosphere, I have not forgotten you my Friend. In a Universe where Hugs expand the Globe, I still rejoice in the Spiritual Connection we always share.

Homespun Honolulu: “Blogs about life in Honolulu and news of interest.”

5. Jos of NoDirectOn (not: NoDirection). Jos, I’m just getting to know you and your sites – however; I already feel like I have known you for a life time as you have that special gift in your personality that touches Peoples hearts. I’m glad in the vast www to have met you Jos.

NoDirectOn (not: NoDirection): "if you don’t know where you're going, any click will take you there", General concept blog, with focus on marketing, advertising, media, art, technology, politics, new media, environment and what not.”

Thank You again, my Friend Deborah!

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