Fab Four

Thank you Francis from Caught In The Stream for tagging me with the Fab 4 Meme. Because you were so nice to tag me, this Picture is especially for you Francis (Please, no one else look at the link! DO NOT PEEK)

4 Jobs I've Held:

Customer Support Associate
Warehouse Supervisor/Basic Electrician
Assistant Printer/Bonded Mail Courier

4 Films I Could Watch Over and Over:

The Red Violin (“the travel of a violin through three centuries and five countries”)
Any movie with Whoopi Goldberg
Any movie with Barbra Streisand
Any movie with Bette Midler

4 Television Shows I Watch:

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
Judge Judy
Ghost Whisperer
Living Single

4 Places I've Lived:

Zanesville, Ohio
New Lexington, Ohio
Beaufort, SC
LowCountry, SC

4 Favorite Foods:

Sausage and Gravy
Fried Shrimp
Hot Dogs with Chili

4 Websites I Visit Every Day:

Blue Ribbon Bloggers
She Walks In Beauty
BlogRoll by B.I.

4 Places I Would Love To Be Right Now:

With my 3 GrandKids and Daughter in VA

Collecting Sea Shells on a Beach

4 Favorite Colors:


4 Names That I Love but Would/Could Not Use For My Children:


I pass this Fab 4 MeMe onto 4 People I’d like to know more about and whose Sites you’ll Enjoy! If you have already done the Meme, please send a link to your post so we all can enjoy. Thanks!



franscud said...
Excellent post as always Jeane! That's a great pic of your grandkids. And thanks for the hidden pic ... it reminds me of some long lost relatives of mine :).
-Jeane Michelle Culp said...
Thank you Francis (Franscud) :) My GrandKids are adorable! As for the pix of you, I tried to find the closest resemblance I could - lol!
Jennifer said...
Thanks for the tag. I haven't seen this one around yet. It looks fun. I wrote mine, but you will have to wait until tonight to see it. I have to leave my blog exchange post on top for today.
-Jeane Michelle Culp said...
Thanks Jennifer, we will be looking forward to your Fab 4 from your site ladylike4! Yes, we want your current post "A Letter to the President by Dana…" on top. This is an compelling letter to the President.
eastcoastdweller said...
Great post, Jeane. And I'm sorry, I HAD to look at the link. Very funny. Very true.
-Jeane Michelle Culp said...
Thank you eastcoastdweller! There's just something about 'Don't Peek' that makes us all want to look - lol!
One Mystical Monkey said...
Aaaaaah, my fellow monkey - I have responded to your tag, and I give you 4 fabulous bananas! Perhaps if you meditate upon My Post; Fab 4 enough, some mystery of this monkey shall be revealed? *giggles*
-Jeane Michelle Culp ndpthepoetress said...
A monkey baring gifts, how scrumptiously delightful! Thank you One Mystical Monkey and a clue to behind the marvels of your Spiritual Self! I'm swinging right on over to your site!

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