Shinade and Zubli Zainordin Thank You!

(I am posting this with extended Prayers as Shinade has informed her MyBlogLog Community Members that on:

“13th Sep 3:50 pm

Please know that I have just been informed by my daughter that two very bad earthquakes have hit Indonesia. And, that Malaysia is under a tsunami warning. I tried to make a regular post at my site for prayer requests but, blogger will not let me. Please remember Zubli and all of our members that live in this region in your prayers.”

Shinade and Zubli Zainordin Thank You!

Throughout the Blogosphere many People already active with their own Blogs and lives, take time out of their already busy schedules to give Awards to Fellow Bloggers. Two such wonderful People are Shinade and Zubli Zainordin.

Shinade is "interested in everything that God has created within this universe. And Shinade has an almost unquenchable thirst for knowledge. Her grandest dream and prayer is for peace in the world and that no-one lack for any need." Shinade's Blog site The Painted Veil is an utmost beautiful reflection of all her heart aspires for.

Zubli Zainordin is Synchronicity to the fullest extent of uniting all individuals. His Blog site the Book Project is an exemplifying example of unitedness happening in our generation, as Zubli has set up the Book Project for everyone to participate in. Here, People and Blogs come together and in return are recognized for the individuals they are. Individuals on the road to Total Happiness.

Shinade and Zubli Zainordin have created the Gold, Opal, and Silver Recommended Read Endorsement Award Badges. Together they review Blogs. Their Recommended Read Award Badges are “an endorsement by them especially and others too, to view and value you as the blogger-your blog-and-your blogging standard”.

Introducing Shinade & Zubli Zainordin in Total Happiness organizes the Book Project blog, Silver

Recently, Shinade and Zubli Zainordin, have been reviewing again for the 8th succession. This time they reviewed “bloggers whose blogs contain vital and valuable information to continuously raising us within the Blog World onto the next level of blogging enthusiasm, excitement, and enjoyment”.

I am proud to state that my site Humanitarian Causes was one of the many to humbly receive the Zubli and Shinade Silver *Recommended Read* Badge! A hearty Congratulations to the other Bloggers who also earned and deserve the Silver Recommended Read Award!

01) As all of us go on building our e-Communities, when we discover you-your blog-and-your blogging up to a standard we both strongly agree, then we shall to present you The Zubli and Shinade Silver *Recommended Read* Badge.

02) Once you have received the badge, please place it at your blog site. Please link with us:

Shinade at The Painted Veil And Zubli Zainordin in Total Happiness organizes the Book Project blog

03) Next, you form a Jury of your own, a minimum of two equally excellent bloggers, who are Silver badge recipients, and please proceed to present the badge to those as many as you prefer who rank a deserving *Recommended Read.* Do as we do.

04) Point each of them to this post

05) Add your name to this growing list:

* Shinade
* Zubli Zainordin

06) Then, please inform us, whom you have given The Zubli and Shinade Silver *Recommended Read* Badge to.

07) This goes on and on.

At Binding Ink, I am Proud to unanimously present:

The Zubli and Shinade Silver Badge to these Bloggers and their Blogs that give us “vital and valuable information to continuously raise us within the Blog World onto the next level of blogging enthusiasm, excitement, and enjoyment”:

1. Peter Haslam of Necessary Skills:

"This blog is not about advice or some miraculous solution that I only have. It's about sharing perspectives on issues generated by the fact we are all human and share the same basic emotions." more

2. OrdinaryMystic Chris Campa of The Ordinary Mystic:

"See how a seemingly “normal” life can be filled with synchronicities, magic, and wonder.

Learn some important lessons in achieving balance between faith and rationality.

And see how spiritual principles can be applied to any situation to bring about success, and more importantly, peace." more

3. Mike of The Absent Mind

Our Favorite Posts by Mike at The Absent Mind:

When Life Runs Out of Answers

The Wonderful Mystery of Communication

The Pursuit of Enlightenment

4. Rick Itzkowich of Xtraordinary Living At Its Best

“In this blog I share some of my thoughts & insights about living an extraordinary life! I also have links to my Xtraordinary Living podcast where I interview ordinary people who are doing Xtraordinary things.”

Thank you again Shinade and Zubli Zainordin for creating these Recommended Read Badges, Thank you for both of your time, and Thank you for the two wonderful People you both are!


Shinade said...
ous Thank you. You have made wonderful choices I am familiar with almost all of them. As a matter of fact I am a member at some that you have listed!! What a lovely soul you are...May God Bless you with all the good things he has to offer!!~Jackie
-Jeane Michelle Culp ndpthepoetress said...
Thank you Shinade, you are so sweet. Having met you has been a true Blessing in my life of Blogging because you are a genuine Spirit of kindness.

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