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I want to take this moment to Thank Deborah at Climate of Our Future for the precious award “Bloggers With Integrity” in the category of Creativity for my blog site Binding Ink 2. Climate of Our Future was awarded "Bloggers With Integrity" for Social Conscience by Shinade at Painted Veil. A deserving award for Climate of Our Future Authors Deborah, Francis, and Michelle as they continue to educate and keep us updated on our environment. Congratulations also to the other Bloggers Deborah gifted with this award of “Bloggers With Integrity”. Thank You again Deborah!

*The “Bloggers With Integrity Award” was created by aussiecynic at Little Aussie Cynic Thanks Aussie!

I proudly present these Bloggers the “Bloggers With Integrity” Award:
(if you have already been awarded this, consider yourself twice as worthy!)

For Creativity Tina Su for her blog Think Simple. Be Decisive. Tina describes herself as Chief Happiness Officer. Stating: I created this site as part of my personal mission to bring more fulfillment and happiness to the lives of others. My mission is to Motivate, Inspire, and Empower people to living more fulfilled and meaningful lives.

“Creativity, Productivity & Happiness are the main themes to her blog: 'Think Simple. Be Decisive'. Topics includes: Motivation, Productivity, Meditation, Personal Development & Spiritual Growth.

‘Think Simple. Be Decisive’ focuses on finding clarity, motivation, productivity, creativity and happiness. We give you Simple steps towards positive change. All steps have been personally practiced by the author.”

Thank You Tina for bringing this Creativity of yours to the blogosphere.

For The Spirit of Giving Dan Hanosh for his blog Dreams Are Yours To Share. Dan Hanosh is a “blogger, a poet, a writer of words”. He states: I'm working on a novel called, "Sins of a Father". It should be finished very soon. My Latest poetry book, " Sleepless Nights" is finally in publication.

At his blog site Dreams Are Yours To Share, Dan Hanosh is giving People a chance to share their dreams:

“Whatever you do, let me know . . . Leave a comment at any of my blogs and I’ll put you on a link list on Dreams are yours to share . . . Oh and keep it going . . . Write about your project on your blog and keep the Dream, don’t let Our Dreams IN Motion die . . . Dreams are yours to share.”

BlogCatalog Broadcast Message from Dan Hanosh:

Do you want to be a Dreamer IN Motion? Do you want a link on Dreams are yours to share? Then become a Dreamer and put a plan into Motion and let me know and I will gladly link to your page . . . Oh yea, how about spreading the word on your blog, writing about your project?

Come and see, come and write, come and take action . . . Get involved in The Cause . . . Dreams IN Motion.

Dreams are yours to share. Dan

Thank You Dan Hanosh in the Spirit of Giving, you are giving others the chance to share their Dreams.

For Staying True To Their Beliefs Gurushabad (surjit) for his blog Gurushabad. surjit is a Knowledge Seeker. In the process of surjit seeking Knowledge, the Readers become knowledgeable with his uplifting, Spiritual, inspiring… posts such as:

Your Attention Please (Please be on the lookout for symptoms of Inner Peace.)
Quieting the Mind is a Choice
The Inner House Keeping
A No Between Two Yeses

Thank You surjit, Author of Gurushabad for staying True to Your Beliefs so we may all enjoy and benefit from you as a Knowledge Seeker.

For Social Conscience Truthdancer (Jennifer) of Good Bags. ‘Good Bags to Bag Your Goods’ are made by Jennifer. The bags are “Unique, custom designed, reusable, environmentally friendly canvas bags.” Jennifer states that her quest is to eliminate plastic bags from our world and we can help! Her hope is, “if we have environmentally friendly, fun, hip, or funky bags to use it may make it easier to make the switch to reusable canvas bags! If we have an artistic visual reminder that we are doing our part to make the world a better place, we may keep in our consciousness an awareness of living carefully and gently on this planet!”

Jennifer has “hand painted reusable canvas bags specifically designed to replace the poisonous plastic bags.” Jennifer states:

I hand paint each bag and charge only fifteen or twenty dollars (depending on size), per bag including shipping. Shipping and handling are included!
It is my hope that in a small way I can participate in bringing a few of us one step closer to changing our ways as we move toward healing our Earth!

Thank You Jennifer, Designer of Good Bags for bringing Social Conscience to this important environmental issue of having alternative solutions to the toxic, land polluting plastic bags.

Keeping it Real goes to anyone whom is:
To thine own-self be true;"-- Hamlet. Act I. Sc. 3

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